True Sermon Memes

I’ve noticed when pastors think they’re profound, they get a member of their staff to make memes from their sermons. Some communications director sits in the congregation and tweets out a cool shot of the pastor preaching, along with a devastatingly relevant quote from that morning’s sermon. These memes help the congregation remember throughout the…

“Suck it up, Buttercup!”

I was surfing around on another website tonight. It’s the page for a podcast that features lots of ex-pastors who are no longer in the ministry. I’d heard of their show before, but had never actually listened to any of their stuff until now. Evidently, they’re pretty proud of having walked away from the church….

New BPP episode: WWJD(2)

Enjoy the new episode of the Bad Pastor Podcast: WWJD(2) – “What Would Jesus Dance to?”. The Bad Pastor ponders why some church people get so offended by things like humor, joy and especially…DANCING! //

Episode 1 of the Bad Pastor Podcast!

Check out the first episode of my Bad Pastor Podcast, as I spend New Year’s Eve on the streets of St Louis looking for the homeless in sub-zero temps! //

New Year’s Eve Below Zero

Today is New Years Day 2018. It’s 10:30 am and I’m sitting in my pajamas drinking coffee. And no, I don’t plan to get out of these pajamas any time soon. They are my warm and cozy home for the rest of the day, after quite a wild night out. But it wasn’t exactly the…

“White Privilege Christmas”

I’m getting a little concerned for Santa. Truth is, he’s an old timer. His deeds, though well-intentioned, are from another age entirely. And I’m afraid someone will probably take him down pretty soon. A hitman? Most likely not, though I’m not ruling anything out. More likely, it will be a lawyer. Or a soccer mom….

Pastor’s Code Words

One Christmas we were decorating our church lobby, and I was working further inside in the building. A church volunteer came to tell me a man was out front who “wanted a word with the pastor”. I can promise you, these words never bode well for anyone in my profession. So I took a deep breath and…

My Sacrifice Fly

My congregation loves to make fun of how little I know about sports. “Hey Pastor, it’s baseball season now! How many touchdowns do you think your team will make next game?” Snickering ensues, and I usually play along. “Baseball, huh?” I ask. “Is that the big orangy ball or the brown ovally one?” My limited…


The most recent ego trip for pastors is for us to have staff members take photos of us and create “memes” from them. A meme is a photo with some kind of pithy saying on it, often encouraging or motivational. Text is added to the pastor’s photo that is basically a quote taken from his…

Less > More

I was on larger church staffs for more than 20 years. One of my favorite jokes shared among staff members was this one: “I love the ministry, it’s just the people I can’t stand.”  Although it was supposed to be ironic, it was probably truer of me once than I’d ever want to admit. When…