Q. Why “Bad Pastor”?

BP. My nome de plume is Bad Pastor. This allows me to speak freely without hurting any church member’s feelings. So I’m not just trying to be coy or mysterious. When you look like me, those just come off as sad or creepy anyway.

Q. Who are you?

BP. I’m a loner, Dotty.

Q. No, really.

BP. If I told you, I’d have to kill you. Or preach one of my sermons to you. The ultimate effect is the same.

Q. So where is your church?

BP. Sssssshhhhhh, that’s a secret. If I reveal too much, I’ll have to retreat to my fortress of solitude or the bat cave. And I can’t afford either :-/

Q. Now that we’re friends, can we drink together or is that not allowed? John 10:10 guides me….

BP. No problem with you drinking, I know it’s required in some Calvinist circles. Hope the beard is going well too…

Hopefully we’ll get that drink together one day…though I’ll be sipping a Diet Coke and silently judging you.



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