Just a struggling pastor, juggling a wife and kids (not literally) along with all my church responsibilities (way too literal).

Find out more about my fascinating, luxurious life (much like Joel Osteen’s) in this article…

So why do I call myself a “bad pastor”? Partly because I know we’re expected by some people to be perfect. We’re never supposed to get too angry, or be selfish, or not help our wives enough, or not spend enough time with our kids.

We’re expected to have it all together. Sorry, but that’s not me. And honestly, it’s not any pastor I’ve ever met.

Oh, and that picture below is not really me either. That’s a guy who obviously works out. I only lift 250 pounds…out of bed every morning. But I do have several things in common with him: I am male, am usually clothed, and breath oxygen.

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guy in pew


PS. If you really want to know who I am, just email me and ask. It’s no big secret. I just don’t post my full name on here so I can be a little more honest, and also so you can see a little of yourself in me without all the pesky details getting in the way.

Yes, you can find out all the fascinating details of my real life. It’s then I hope you’ll realize how boring your life must be if you really needed to know that, and maybe you’ll be inspired to get a hobby.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Richard Morency says:

    Love your work Pastor!
    Been following you since Starbucks on 5th Ave. Hope to buy you a Starbucks in STL one day!


    1. Dave Gipson says:

      I would love that, Robert! Please let me know when you’re in town.

      Looking forward to it,


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