The most recent ego trip for pastors is for us to have staff members take photos of us and create “memes” from them.

A meme is a photo with some kind of pithy saying on it, often encouraging or motivational.

Text is added to the pastor’s photo that is basically a quote taken from his sermon the last Sunday.  The idea is to make you think the pastor said something original, unique, important and quote-worthy. But I’ve noticed, they are often rather mundane statements you’d hear in an average Sunday school lesson.Restrooms

Not wishing to be outdone, I’ve come up with own memes in an attempt to keep up with yet another way for pastors to blow our own horns… ;0)


“OK, all the other church’s pastors have quotes from their sermons that make them look important. I don’t care what quote you use – who can get on this immediately?”




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